"Lathroum Breaks into Potomac Win Column With Coveted Late Model Score"

"Division Champions Crowned"

By Doug Watson

             Buds Creek, MD-  Jamie Lathroum took off from his outside front-row starting spot to lead all 35-laps as he took his first win of the season in last Sunday nights 35-lap "Huey Wilcoxon Memorial" at Potomac Speedway. The win for Lathroum, worth $4000, came steering his Sommey and Ruthy Ann Lacey owned Rocket XR-1 no.45 which served as his first with his new team and the first Late Model win for his new owners.
            Even though Lathroum would pace all 35-circuits, eventual runner-up Jason Covert rallied late to challenge Lathroum for the win, but fell short at the line as Lathroum would collect his 14th career Potomac Late Model win. "It's taken me a while to get used to this new car but it was pretty good here tonight." Lathroum stated post race. "It was up to me starting on the front row tonight to get the job done, but I just want to thank Sommey and Ruth Ann for the opportunity to drive this car and it's really nice to get them a win, I wouldn't be here without them." With his runner up finish, Jason Covert would claim the 2017 track championship,his third Potomac title in the past four season's. "We're here to win races and it sucks finishing second." Covert said afterward. "I'm not much of a point racer, but this team deserves this championship and at least I was able to get that done for them."  Dale Hollidge, who came from the rear of the field after an early race pit stop to take 3rd, would be crowned champion of the "Battle of the Bay" mini-series. "It was nice to see the tracks in our area come together to form this series and I want to thank our sponsors and everyone's hard work on this team to get this title, they deserve it." Allen Brannon and Nick Davis would round out the top-five.
           Jonathan DeHaven took the Limited Late Model win over a hard charging Kyle Lear with Tyler Emory taking the track title. Logan Roberson scored his 6th RUSH Crate Late Model win, with Sparky White claiming the "Battle of the Bay" series championship. Mike Latham's 5th win of the season,the 53rd of his career, would propel him to his second consecutive Street Stock title. John Burch took his first of the season and career 53rd in the Hobby Stock event with Sam Archer scoring his second straight class championship. Jeff Block took his first career win in the Strictly Stocks with Greg Mattingly taking his first career Potomac championship. Josh Wilkins took his first U-Car win of the season with Savannah Windsor claiming her second straight class championship. 

Late Model feature finish
1. Jamie Lathroum 2.Jason Covert 3. Dale Hollidge 4. Allen Brannon 5. Nick Davis 6. Tyler Horst 7. Kenny Moreland 8. Amanda Whaley 9. Daryl Hills 10. Billy Hubbard 11. Brent Bordeaux 12. Steven Axtell Jr. 

Limited Late Model feature finish
1. Jonathan DeHaven 2. Kyle Lear 3. Tyler Emory 4. Jonny Oliver 5. Davis Lipscombe 6. Brandon Long 7. Deuce Wright 8. Sam Bryant  9.Dale Murphy 10.Bruce Kane 11. Billy Tucker 12. Michael Alderman 13. Rich Marks 14. Robbie Emory 15. Derick Quade 16. Scott Wilson 17. Austin Stover (DNS) 

RUSH Crate Late Model feature finish
1. Logan Roberson 2. Darren Alvey 3. Jamie Sutphin 4. Matt Tarbox 5. Joey McClung 6. Sparky White 7. Mike Franklin 8. Matt Glanden 9. Jennae Piper 10. Ben Bowie 11. Jeff Pilkerton 12. Richard Hawkins 13. Bud Durboraw 14. Timmy Booth 15. Devin Brannon 16. Brandon Sturgis 17. Megan Mann 18. Chuck Bowie 19. Richard Culver 20. Devin Buhrr 21. Paul McGinley 22. Kevin Moore 23. Ronny Martin Jr. 24. Harry Shipe III 25. Scott Tessman 26. Bryan Smith 27. Jakob Piper 28. Mike Wharton 

Street Stock feature finish
1. Mike Latham 2. Craig Parrill 3. Ben Hamilton 4. Sam Archer 5. Scooter Jones 6. Ed Pope Jr. 7. Mike Raleigh 8. Tommy Upshaw 9. Jeremy Pilkerton 10. Lane Hessong 11. Kyle Nelson 

Hobby Stock feature finish
1. John Burch 2. Tommy Randall 3. Jonathan Knott 4. Dave Adams 5. Mikey Latham 6. Jonathan Raley 7. Jacob Buie 8. Hilton Pickeral 9. Billy Crouse 10. Dylan Rutherford 11. Sam Raley 12. Stephanie Johnston 13. Greg Morgan 14. James Givens 15. Mason Hanson 16. Sam Archer 17. Ray Bucci 18. James Rainey

U-Car feature finish
1.Josh Wilkins 2. Chad Brill 3. Rick Bowman 4. Brent Howell 5. Savannah Windsor 6. Richard Culton 7. Ben Pirner 8. Stephen Suite 9. Kyle Randall 10. Branson Woodward 11. Jamie Marks 12. Howard Dunn 13. Michael Leigh 14. Kyle Sowers 15. Chuckie Johnson 16. Dominic King 17. Stephanie Homberg 18. Larry Lamb

Strictly Stock feature finish
1. Jeff Block 2. Ed Pope Sr. 3. Greg Mattingly 4. John Hardesty 5. JJ Silvious 6. Nabil Guffey 7. Stevie Gingery 8. Drew Payne 9. Johnny Hardesty 10. Greg Breeden 11. Ricky Feltner 12. Carl Adkins 



3-24 4-7 4-15
4-28 5-28 6-3
7-3 7-21 8-4
8-11 8-26