"Hardy Fourth Different Winner in Independence Series Monday at Potomac"

"Alvey and Sutphin Split Twin RUSH Crate Mains"

By Doug Watson

           Budds Creek, MD-  Kyle Hardy drove to his first feature win of the season in last Monday nights "Independence Day Summer Classic" series finale at Potomac Speedway. The win for Hardy, steering his Rocket XR-1 no.3V, was worth $3500 and made him the fourth different winner in the four race series. 
         Hardy and Jamie Lathroum drew the front row for the start of the 35-lap main with Lathroum booming into the lead as the field scattered off turn two. Lathroum would lead until the sixth circuit when Hardy arrived to become the second, and final, race leader the following lap. DJ Troutman settled into second and went after Hardy but would have to settle for runner-up honors as Hardy would score his second career Potomac Late Model win and first since the 2010 season. "We had a great race car tonight and I'm glad to get this team a win." A jubilant Hardy stated in Potomac's victory lane. "I went into the first turn a little too hard at the start and Jamie got by us, so I had to calm myself down and we were able to get back around him and get the lead back." Hardy was quick to praise those who aided his winning drive. "Shawn and Lisa Martin, Pancho Lawler have given me a great opportunity." Hardy stated. "They have given us some great equipment and to get a win here tonight is awesome." Jason Covert took third with Jamie Lathroum and 10th starting Tyler Emory completing the top-five. Heats for the 21 cars entered went to Dale Hollidge, Troutman and Covert. 
        The RUSH Crate Late Models had two events on the program. Darren Alvey scored his first win of the season in the make up 20-lap event from June 16 as he started on the pole and wired the field aboard his Rocket no.30 to take the win over Matt Tarbox. "We're getting this car figured out and I can't thank all the people who help us enough for the win here tonight." Jamie Sutphin, Jeff Pilkerton and Darin Henderson rounded out the top-five. In the regularly scheduled event Jamie Sutphin started on the pole and drove to his second win of the season behind the wheel of his Rocket no.18. "The track was a little dry tonight, but we got to the front first and were able to hold everyone off." Ben Bowie, Chuck Bowie,Timmy Booth and Mike Franklin trailed at the finish. Heats for the 18 entries went Alvey and Ben Bowie.
       In support class action Mike Latham drove to his 3rd win of the season and career 51st in the 16-lap Street Stock feature, defending track champion Sam Archer scored his 3rd win of the season in the 15-lap Hobby Stock main with defending class champion Savannah Windsor claiming her 5th win of 2017 in the 15-lap U-Car contest.  

Late Model feature finish
1. Kyle Hardy 2. DJ Troutman 3. Jason Covert 4. Jamie Lathroum 5. Tyler Emory 6. Amanda Whaley 7. Dale Hollidge 8. Steven Axtell Jr. 9. Russell Erwin 10. Kenny Moreland 11. Ross Robinson 12. Brad Rigdon 13. Cody Gray 14. Dan Stone 15. Nick Davis 16. Daryl Hills 17. Justin Williams 18. Scott Wilson 19. Brandon Long  20. Deuce Wright 21. Rich Marks

RUSH Crates (Make-up)
1. Darren Alvey 2. Matt Tarbox 3. Jamie Sutphin 4. Jeff Pilkerton 5. Darin Henderson 6. Chuck Bowie 7. James Marshall 8. Harry Shipe III 9.Megan Mann DQ- Ryan Clement, Nick Love

RUSH Crates (Regular Event)
1. Jamie Sutphin 2. Ben Bowie 3. Chuck Bowie 4. Timmy Booth 5. Mike Franklin 6. Darin Henderson 7. Jacob Piper 8. Darren Alvey 9. Jeff Pilkerton 10. James Marshall 11. Megan Mann 12. Travis Collins 13. Cory Lawler 14. Harry Shipe III 15. Matt Tarbox 16. Richard Culver DNS- Ryan Clement, Nick Love

Street Stock feature finish
1. Mike Latham 2. Kyle Nelson 3. Jimmy Combs 4. Jeremy Pilkerton 5. Scooter Jones 6. Ed Pope Jr. 7. Mike Raleigh 8. Tony Archer

Hobby Stock feature finish
1. Sam Archer 2. Jonathan Raley 3. Buddy Dunagan 4. Greg Morgan 5. Jerry Deason 6. Ed Pope Jr. 7. Sam Raley 8. Dave Adams 9. Tommy Randall 10. Kevin Murphy 11. Mikey Latham 12. Travis Hopkins 13. Brian Lederhouse 14. Hilton Pickeral 15. Greg Mattingly 16. Robbie Kramer DNS- Dylan Rutherford, James Rainey, Lane Price, Jonathan Knott

U-Car feature finish
1. Savannah Windsor 2. Ben Pirner 3. Dominic King 4. Allen Griffith Jr. 5. Jamie Marks 6. Kyle Randall 7. Ryan Quade 8. Stephen Suite 9. Howard Dunn 10. Chad Brill 11. Larry Lamb 12. Dominic Silvious 13. Leon Stover 14. Michael Leigh 15. Mike Griffith 16. Brent Howell



3-24 4-7 4-15
4-28 5-28 6-3