"Covert Steers Stout New Racer to Sunday Potomac Win"

"Clement Cops Career First in RUSH Crates"

By Doug Watson

          Budds Creek, MD-  York Haven Pa.'s Jason Covert scored his second win of the season in last Sunday nights 35-lap Late Model headliner at Potomac Speedway. The win for Covert, worth $2500, came aboard a brand new Cameron/Mann owned Rocket XR-1 chassis.
          The redraw placed Jason Covert and Nick Davis on the front row for the start of the event with Covert surging into the race lead as the field scattered off of turn two. As Covert paced the field, the top-five changed on more than one occasion, until 6th starting Daryl Hills secured second on the 21st lap. Hills chased Covert for the duration, but was no match for Covert as he rolled to his 12th career Potomac feature win by three car lengths at the finish. "We got this car finished up at 5:30 this afternoon." Covert stated in victory lane. "We basically came here tonight to shake it down, and to get this team a win here tonight was not what we expected, but we sure will take it." Covert was pleased at the performance of his teams new car. "This one is a little different than the one we totaled at Gaffney but I felt really good in it and I think we can get it better." Defending track champion Dale Hollidge took third with Cody Gray and Brent Bordeaux rounding out the top five. Heats went to Jamie Lathroum and Amanda Whaley. 
          Ryan Clement drove the race of his career to score his first ever Potomac feature win in the 20-lap RUSH Crate Late Model main. Clement, who lined up second for the start, blasted into the race lead on the first lap and held off the furious charge from eventual runner-up Darren Alvey to score the break through win steering his Rocket no.12. "I have to thank my mom and dad and all our sponsors." Clement stated post race. "I hope this is the first of many to come." Defending champion Logan Roberson took third with Matt Tarbox and Tyler Emory completing the top-five. Heats went to Alvey and Clement.
          In support class action, Defending track champion Mike Latham scored his second win of the season and career 50th in the 16-lap Street Stock feature, Robbie Kramer took his first career Potomac win in the 15-lap Hobby Stock main with defending U-Car champion Savannah Windsor claiming her 4th win of the season in the divisions 15-lap event.

Late Model feature finish
1. Jason Covert 2. Daryl Hills 3. Dale Hollidge 4. Cody Gray 5. Brent Bordeaux 6. Steven Axtell Jr. 7. Ross Robinson 8. Rich Marks 9. Nick Davis 10. Jamie Lathroum 11. Amanda Whaley 12. Brandon Long 13. Kenny Moreland 14. Greg Roberson 15. Deuce Wright

RUSH Crate Late Model feature finish
1. Ryan Clement 2. Darren Alvey 3. Logan Roberson 4. Matt Tarbox 5. Tyler Emory 6. Jamie Sutphin 7. Mike Wharton 8. Jeff Pilkerton 9. Timmy Booth 10. Megan Mann 11. Chuck Bowie 12. Ben Bowie 13. Darin Henderson 14. James Marshall

Street Stock feature finish
1. Mike Latham 2. Scotty Nelson 3. Kyle Nelson 4. Craig Parrill 5. Mike Raleigh 6. Ed Pope Jr. 7. Jeremy Pilkerton 8. Tony Archer 9. Scooter Jones 10. Lloyd Deans 11. Walt Homberg

Hobby Stock feature finish
1. Robbie Kramer 2. Dave Adams 3. Sam Raley 4. Sam Archer 5. Greg Morgan 6. Kevin Murphy 7. Ray Bucci 8. James Rainey 9. Hilton Pickeral 10. Tommy Randall 11. John Burch 12. Brian Lederhouse 13. Buddy Dunagan 14. Mikey Latham 15. Jerry Deason (DQ)

U-Car feature finish
1. Savannah Windsor 2. Randy Wilkins 3. Ben Pirner 4. Jamie Marks 5. Kyle Randall 6. Stephen Suite 7. Rick Bowman 8. Richard Culton 9. Leon Stover 10. Dominic Silvious 11. Ryan Quade 12. Howard Dunn 13. Michael Leigh 14. Larry Lamb (DNS) 



3-24 4-7 4-15