"Lear and Zimmerman Double in Potomac Limited Late Models"

"Alvey Tightens Point Race With RUSH Crate Win"

By Doug Watson

            Budds Creek, MD-  The Limited Late Models ran two events last Friday night and found Kyle Lear and Kurt Zimmerman both scoring their respective second feature wins of the season. In the first 20-lap contest, a rescheduled event from June, found Kyle Lear in victory lane. Lear took the lead from race long Brandon Long on the 15th lap and would pace the final 5 circuits aboard his Rocket XR-1 no.151 to post his 20th career win in the division. "This race track was in great shape tonight." Lear stated post race. "With all the rain and hot weather they've had down here they had this place just about perfect and it's nice to get everyone who helps with this car another win." Tyler Emory rallied late for second with Rich Marks, Brandon Long and Billy Tucker rounding out the top-five. In the second 20-lap main, Kurt Zimmerman took the lead from Billy Tucker on the 18th lap and would drive to his 2nd win of the season steering his MasterSbilt no.9A. "Man I love this place." A jubilant Zimmerman stated in victory lane. "Billy (Tucker) slipped up a bit and gave us just enough room to get by and I cant thank Moe DeFino and all the people who help with this car for the win here tonight." Tyler Emory posted his second runner-up finish of the evening with Kyle Lear, Billy Tucker and Rich Marks completing the top-five. 
         In the companion 20-lap RUSH Crate Late Model main Darren Alvey took the lead from Chuck Bowie on the 14th lap and would then survive a late race surge from eventual runner up Jamie Sutphin to score his 2nd win of the season behind the wheel of his Alvey Brothers Farm, Rocket no.30. Entering the show, Sutphin held a scant 7-point lead over Alvey with just 3 point races left for the class this season. "I knew Jamie was back there." Alvey stated after the event. "I knew if we could hold the bottom he'd have a hard time on the outside but we had a right front shock that was giving up and I'm glad it held up so we could get this team another win." Logan Roberson, Chuck Bowie and Jeff Pilkerton would trail Alvey at the finish. 
        In support class action Mike Latham added to his point lead with his 4th Street Stock win of the season, defending track champion Sam Archer nailed down his 5th of the season in the 15-lap Hobby Stock main, point leader and defending class champion Savannah Windsor rolled to her 6th win of the season in the 15-lap U-Car event with Ed Pope Sr. and Greg Mattingly splitting the twin 15-lap Strictly Stock features.

Limited Late Model feature finish (Regular)
1. Kurt Zimmerman 2. Tyler Emory 3. Kyle Lear 4. Billy Tucker 5. Rich Marks 6. Scott Wilson 7. Brandon Long 8. Deuce Wright 9. Cody Lipscombe 10. Jonny Oliver 11. Derrick Quade

Limited Late Model feature finish (Make-up)
1. Kyle Lear 2. Tyler Emory 3. Rich Marks 4. Brandon Long 5. Billy Tucker 6. Scott Wilson 7. Deuce Wright 8. Derrick Quade  DNS- Jonny Oliver, Bruce Kane, David Williams

RUSH Crate Late Model feature finish
1.Darren Alvey 2. Jamie Sutphin 3. Logan Roberson 4. Chuck Bowie 5. Jeff Pilkerton 6. Timmy Booth 7. Matt Glanden 8. Megan Mann 9. James Marshall 10. Harry Shipe III 11. Ben Bowie 12. Darin Henderson 13. Matt Tarbox

Street Stock feature finish
1. Mike Latham 2.Ed Pope Jr. 3. Jeremy Pilkerton 4. Mike Raleigh 5.Kyle Nelson

Hobby Stock feature finish
1. Sam Archer 2. Buddy Dunagan 3.Mikey Latham 4. Greg Morgan 5. Hilton Pickeral 6. Tommy Randall 7. James Rainey 8. Dave Adams 9. Jonathan Knott 10. Jonathan Raley 11. Ray Bucci 12. Colin Long

U-Car feature finish
1. Savannah Windsor 2. Kyle Randall 3. Stephen Suite 4. Michael Leigh 5. Jamie Marks 6. Ryan Quade 7. Dylan Sims 8. Ben Pirner 9. Brent Howell 10. Howard Dunn 11. Dominic King 12. Stephanie Homberg

Strictly Stock feature finish (Regular)
1. Greg "Catfish" Mattingly 2. John Hardesty 3. Jeff Bloch 4. Johnny Hardesty 5. Drew Payne 6. Steve Gingery 7. Nabil Guffey 8. Scott Shelton 9. Ed Pope Sr. 10. Ryan Leich

Strictly Stock feature finish (Make-up)
1. Ed Pope Sr. 2. Greg Mattingly 3. John Hardesty 4. Steve Gingery 5. Johnny Hardesty 6. Ryan Leich 7. Jeff Bloch 8. Nabil Guffey 9. Carl Adkins



3-24 4-7 4-15
4-28 5-28 6-3
7-3 7-21