"Last Lap Heroics Propel Hollidge to Potomac Victory Lane"

"Kane and Altobelli Score Limited LM/E-Mod Wins"

By Doug Watson

               Budds Creek, MD-  Dale Hollidge scored his first win of the season in last Sunday nights 35-lap Late Model feature at Potomac Speedway. The win for Hollidge, worth $2900, came aboard his Greg Gunter owned Rocket no.0 and would be his 13th career win in the division. 
               Kyle Lear burst into the race lead from the pole on the first lap and set sail. As Lear set the pace, 6th starting Dale Hollidge arrived in 2nd of the 8th lap and went after Lear. A lap-32 caution bunched the field and as the laps wound down, Hollidge got a great run off the top of turn four to nip Lear at the stripe for crowd pleasing win. "I went into turn three on the last lap as hard as I could." Hollidge stated post race. "Kyle was protecting the bottom and I don't think he knew how big of a run we got off the top and we were able to get him at the line." Jason Covert, Daryl Hills and Mark Pettyjohn trailed at the finish.
              Bruce Kane took the lead on the second lap and drove off uncontested for his 2nd win of the season in the 20-lap Limited Late main. "We've got this car going pretty good right now and a I want to thank everyone who helps us, I couldn't do it without them." Chuck Bowie, Kurt Zimmerman, Matt Marshall and Derick Quade completed the top-five. Just by starting the feature, Tyler Emory secured his second consecutive and third career division championship.
              Michael Altobelli Jr. scored his first career Potomac feature win in the 20-lap Mid-Atlantic Modified contest. Altobelli took the lead on the first lap and drove off to take the win by a wide margin over Mike Reynolds. "This has been a dream season for us." Altobelli stated from victory lane. "We had a great car tonight and it was well worth the three-hour tow down here tonight." Rick Hulson, Brad Kling and Ray Kable filled the front five. 
            In support class action, Ed Pope Jr. collected his 6th Street Stock win of the season and the 2018 track title, Jonathan Knott took his 2nd win of the season in the 15-lap Hobby Stock feature with second year pilot Mikey Latham claiming the class championship and in the nightcap 15-lap U-Car feature Kevin Oates took his first win of the season with Savannah Windsor securing her third straight track championship.

Late Model feature finish
1. Dale Hollidge 2. Kyle Lear 3. Jason Covert 4. Daryl Hills 5. Mark Pettyjohn 6. Jamie Lathroum 7. Scott Merryman 8. Brent Bordeaux 9. Brad Omps 10. Tyler Emory 11. Steven Axtell Jr. 12. Paul Cursey (DNS)

Limited Late Model feature finish
1. Bruce Kane 2. Chuck Bowie 3. Kurt Zimmerman 4. Matt Marshall 5. Derick Quade 6. Kerry King 7. Brad Rigdon 8. Mike Franklin 9. Billy Tucker 10. Carl Vaughn 11. Brandon Long 12. Richard Culver 13. Jonny Oliver 14. Robbie Emory 15. Tyler Emory 16. Dale Murphy 17. David Dill (DNS)

E-Mod feature finish
1.Michael Altobelli Jr. 2. Mike Reynolds 3. Rick Hulson 4. Brad Kling 5. Ray Kable 6. Joey Polevoy 7. Justin Cullum 8. Lance Grady Jr. 9. Cody Oliver 10. Bryan Green 11. Haley Kaiser 12. Gary Moreland Sr. 13. Mike Corbin 14. Chase Butler 15. Chris Arnold 16. Keith Reed 17. Jeff McCauley 18. Brett Hamilton 19. George Gutridge 20. James Sparks 21. Kyle Lloyd 22. Frank DiBella (DNS)

Hobby Stock feature finish
1. Jonathan Knott 2. Mikey Latham 3. John Burch 4. Hilton Pickeral 5. Stevie Gingery 6. Bryan Allen 7. Greg Morgan 8. Colin Long 9. Joe Lehnen 10. Tommy Randall 11. Robbie Cairns 12. Dave Adams 13. Buddy Dunagan 14. Matt Randall 15. Derick Quade Jr. (DNS)

Street Stock feature finish
1. Ed Pope Jr. 2. Jeremy Pilkerton 3. Kyle Nelson 4. Jimmy Parrill 5. Craig Tankersley 6. Paul Jones 7. Deuce Wright 8. Mike Raleigh

U-Car feature finish
1. Kevin Oates 2. Larry Lamb 3. Tim Steele 4. Stephen Suite 5. Ryan Quade  6. Dominic King 7. Savannah Windsor 8. Joey Suite 9. Mackenzie Smith 10. Danny Kitts 11. Allen Griffith Jr. 12. Cody Stamp 13. Ben Pirner



3-31 4-6 4-13
4-20 4-27 5-11
6-3 6-30 7-9
7-15 7-20 8-12