"Emory Marches Toward Potomac Crown With Friday Limited Late Model Win"

"Ben Bowie Prevails in Epic RUSH Crate Battle"

By Doug Watson

                     Budds Creek, MD-  Current point leader and defending track champion Tyler Emory continued his stellar season as he drove to his 4th Limited Late Model win of the season last Friday night at Potomac Speedway. The win for Emory, steering his Adams/Quade owned Rocket no.23, was his 8th career victory at the track and put him in good position for his second consecutive and 3rd overall division championship.
                    Emory shot from the pole to pace all 20-circuits in dominating fashion over eventual runner-up Kurt Zimmerman. "I can't say enough about this team." Tyler stated post race. "Joe and Wayne gave me a great car tonight and this track was just awesome to race on here tonight." Jonny Oliver was solid in third with Michael Alderman and Kerry King trailing at the finish.    
                   In just his third start of the season Ben Bowie prevailed in the companion 20-lap RUSH Crate Late Model feature for his 2nd Potomac win of the season. Bowie's win was hard fought as he first had to fend off Amanda Whaley and then a hard charging Dale Hollidge over the closing laps to collect his 6th career win aboard his Rocket no.17. "That was a great race." Said Bowie. "Amanda and Dale are my favorite drivers to race with and we ran pretty hard and I'm glad we came out on top." Whaley held tough for third with defending champion Darren Alvey and current point leader Chuck Bowie completing the top-five. 
                   In support class action, Jeremy Pilkerton scored his 5th win of the season in the 16-lap Street Stock feature, Mikey Latham took his 3rd of the season in the 15-lap Hobby Stock main, Larry Lamb drove to his 3rd 15-lap U-Car win, Johnny Hardesty scored his first of 2018 in the 15-lap Strictly Stock contest with Ross Robinson (Modified) and Jamie Eichholz (LM) scoring in the Southern Delaware Vintage club event.

Limited Late Model feature finish
1. Tyler Emory 2. Kurt Zimmerman 3. Jonny Oliver 4. Michael Alderman 5. Kerry King 6. Bruce Kane 7. Billy Tucker 8. Dale Murphy 9. Richard Culver

RUSH Crate Late Model feature finish
1. Ben Bowie 2. Dale Hollidge 3. Amanda Whaley 4. Darren Alvey 5. Chuck Bowie 6. Jeff Pilkerton 7. Matt Glanden 8. Jamie Sutphin 9. Megan Mann 10. Chad Lacey 11. Mike Raleigh 12. Austin Bussler 13. Jimmy Duncan 14. Darin Henderson 15. Timmy Booth

Street Stock feature finish
1. Jeremy Pilkerton 2. Ed Pope Jr. 3. Kyle Nelson 4. Paul Jones 5. Craig Tankersly 6. Josh Stevens

Hobby Stock feature finish
1. Mikey Latham 2. Robbie Kramer 3. Hilton Pickeral 4. Raymond Reed 5. Jonathan Knott 6. Marty Hanbury 7. Matt Randall 8. Jamie Marks 9. Joe Lehnan 10. Tommy Randall 11. Buddy Dunagan 12. Greg Morgan 13. Colin Long

U-Car feature finish
1. Larry Lamb 2. Brad Sayler 3. Billy Smith 4. Savannah Windsor 5. Stephen Suite 6. Tim Steele 7. Ryan Quade 8. Dominic King 9. Ben Pirner 10. Mackenzie Smith 11. Joey Suite 12. Danny Kitts 13. Cody Stamp 14. Stephanie Homberg 15. Michael Leigh

Strictly Stock feature finish
1. Johnny Hardesty 2. Nabil Guffey 3. Jeff Block 4. JJ Silvious 5. Jimmy Suite 6. Greg Mattingly 7. John Hardesty 8. Drew Payne 9. Ed Pope Sr. 

Southern Delaware Vintage
1. Ross Robinson (Mod) 2. CJ Schirmer 3. Jamie Eichholz (LM) 4. Pacman 5. Jamie Schirmer 6. LJ Walbert        



3-31 4-6 4-13
4-20 4-27 5-11
6-3 6-30 7-9
7-15 7-20