Tire Bulletin: 2023 Race Season

**Effective until May 31st for Super Late Models and Limited Late Models **Effective until June 30th for Street Stocks Hoosier 1300 or harder on all 4 corners. Hoosier NLMT 2,3 and 4 will also be allowed on all 4 corners. NO NMLT 1 will be permitted at any time for any class. Based upon tire availability by supplier we will monitor the situation as we approach the “burn off” date and will provide further updates once we are closer to that date and any changes beyond that date will be announced within a timely manner for teams to prepare.

Mandatory Safety Inspection will begin at the start of the season at Potomac.

We will attempt to start checking at practice as long as the correct personnel is available to assist with these inspections. There is no grace period this year, it MUST be correct before we allow you to race. NO EXCEPTIONS. You will receive a sticker if your car/gear meets all inspections. Yes, the track should be checking these things regularly BUT you as adults are responsible for following the rules and guidelines set forth by the track! ‼️ROLL CAGES: check the rules on the website for your class and make sure it is CORRECT ‼️HELMETS: MUST be Snell Approved. It MUST have a certification sticker- SA2015 or SA2020. All SA2010 helmets expired 1/1/2022. No DOT helmets. ‼️SEATBELTS: Technically do not have a expiration date but RECOMMENDED to be replaced every 2 years. ANY tears, rips, holes, or frays must be replaced immediately. ‼️WINDOW NETS: Are absolutely required for anything that is not a late model. Same rules apply for these as seatbelts. ‼️RACE SUITS: Technically do not have an expiration date but should be recertified by the company every 5 years. No rips, holes, etc. ‼️SEATS: Must be aluminum and properly bolted. ABSOLUTELY no plastic or fiber glass. Full containment is HIGHLY recommended. ‼️SHOES & GLOVES: highly recommended but not technically required. ‼️ SAFETY CHAINS: Street, Hobby, Strictly, Ucar, and Roadsters for towing purposes. There is no way for us to monitor these things every week but we will do our best. Please reach out with any questions. Again, YOU as adults are also responsible for your own safety just as you put your seatbelt on every time you drive a personal vehicle. If you start mid-season, you are responsible for reaching out to the track to get your car inspected.


Interested parties should contact the Speedway at 301-481-8855

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