“Andy Fries Scores Potomac First in Southern Maryland Nationals”

“Pilkerton Flawless in RUSH Crates”

By Doug Watson

    Budds Creek, MD (10/9/2021)- Mercersburg Pa’s Andy Fries drove to his first career Potomac Limited Late Model feature win in last Saturday nights 30-lap “Kevin Cooke Memorial” during the annual Southern Maryland Nationals. The win for Fries, aboard his Rocket no.82, was worth $2222 and made him the 75th different driver to collect a win with the division at Potomac.
   North Carolina native Willie Milliken out dragged Dale Hollidge to take the lead at the initial green flag. As Milliken set the pace the top five changed hands several time due to a slew of cautions and flat tires on the tricky daytime surface. Andy Fries arrived in second on lap-22 and went after Milliken as the race wore on. Milliken’s brilliant drive came to an abrupt end as he blew a right rear tire in turn three on the last lap, handing the lead and win to Fries as the field came to the checkered flag. “We always have a lot of fun coming down here and I’m tickled to be able to get the win.” Fries stated in victory lane. “We went with the hardest tire we had and when Willie drifted high in three, I knew his tire was down and we were able to get by for the win.” Kyle Lear charged from the rear of the field for second, 2021 track champion Brandon Long was third with Rodney Brickhouse and Bruce Kane completing the top five. 
   Jeremy Pilkerton capped his championship season with a dominating performance in the 30-lap RUSH Crate Late Model feature. Pilkerton took the lead on the first lap and never looked back as he roared to his 7th win of the season and career 10th steering his Rocket no.8. “We had a good car all weekend and to win the championship and the Nationals in the same season is awesome.” Chuck Bowie, Joey Love, Matt Quade and Ronnie Martin Jr. would round out the top five. 
    In other weekend action, Walter Crouch scored his first career Potomac feature win in the 30-lap Street Stock feature, 2021 track champion Mikey Latham scored his 5th win of the season and career 22nd in the 25-lap Hobby Stock main, Greg Mattingly (Friday) and Justin Hatcher (Saturday) copped 20-lap Strictly Stock features, Justin Knight (Friday) and Kelly Crouse (Saturday) each took 20-lap U Car victories with Terry Hartlaub claiming Saturday’s 20-lap Roadster contest.

Limited Late Model feature finish 
Andy Fries, Kyle Lear, Brandon Long, Rodney Brickhouse, Bruce Kane, Sam Archer, Dale Hollidge, Ray Cicarelli, James Snead, Sam Bryant, Willie Milliken, Dale Murphy, Wayne Bryant, Ray Miller, Walker Arthur, Cody Lear, Chuck Cox, Corey Almond 

RUSH Crate Late Model feature finish 
Jeremy Pilkerton, Chuck Bowie, Joey Love, Matt Quade, Ronnie Martin Jr, Josh Williams, Timmy Booth, Ed Pope Jr, Ben Bowie, Matt Tepper, Ben Scott, Matt Ashworth, Travis Justice, Mike Raleigh, Matt Glanden 

Street Stock feature finish 
Walter Crouch, Ben Hamilton, Stevie Gingery, Scotty Nelson, Adam Breeden, Deuce Wright, Bryan Wagaman, Zack Myers, Marty Hanbury, Earl Brooks Jr, Jerry Jenkins Jr, Bailey Tolson, Brandon Lowery, John Cobb, Stephen Hilgenberg, Ben Pirner, Danny Zechman, Cooter Grady, Mike Grady Jr, Dylan Rutherford, Walt Homberg DNS-PJ Hatcher, Ray Hackett

Hobby Stock feature finish 
Mikey Latham, Deuce Wright, Corey Bradley, Mason Hanson, Erik Hanson, Austin Lathroum, Buddy Dunagan, Trent Clemmons, Billy Crouse, Greg Morgan, Hilton Pickeral, Dylan Rutherford, Jason Wilkins, James Rainey, Colin Long, Owen Lacey, Casey Sheckles, Watson Gordon, Stephen Suite DNS-Raymond Reed

Roadster feature finish 
Terry Hartlaub, Jason Jarvis, Justin Bottorf, Tim Steele, Joey Suite, Hank Stonestreet, Brian Copsey, Trevor Hammett, Hilton Pickeral, Dale Simpson, Jason Penn, Junior Cardwell, Kelly Crouse, Travis Dye, Cody Bottorf 

U Car feature finish (Friday)
Justin Knight, Mackenzie Smith, Bryan Allen, Jason Penn, Hank Stonestreet, Seth Hood, Dale Simpson, Travis Dye, Joey Suite, Richard Inscoe, Trevor Hammett, Kelly Cross DQ-Shawn Payne

U Car feature finish (Saturday)
Kelly Crouse, Jason Penn, Joey Suite, Hank Stonestreet, Dale Simpson, Trevor Hammett, Bryan Allen, Mackenzie Smith, Travis Dye, Faith Lacey 

Strictly Stock feature finish (Friday)
Greg Mattingly, Dominic King, John Hardesty, Eric Huntington, Bunk Farrell, Jim Hardesty, Nabil Guffey, Richie Gibson, Justin Hatcher, Brian Johnson 

Strictly Stock feature finish (Saturday)
Justin Hatcher, Larry Fuchs, Nabil Guffey, Greg Mattingly, John Hardesty, Richie Gibson, Bunk Farrell, Dominic King, Travis Dye, Jim Hardesty, Daniel Knodle 





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