“Hardy Adds to Win Total With Sunday Potomac Romp”

“Axtell Top Dog In Mid Atlantic Mods”

By Doug Watson

    Budds Creek, Md (9/5/21)- Kyle Hardy scored his 3rd win of the season during last Sunday nights 35-lap “Huey Wilcoxon Memorial” at Potomac Speedway. The win for Hardy, worth $3000, came in his Mike Hurley owned Rocket no.99 and would mark Kyle’s 27th feature win overall of the 2021 season.
    Hardy out dragged fellow front row starter Dale Hollidge into the first turn at the initial start to take the lead and would eventually lead the distance. Hollidge dogged Hardy the entire way, but would have to settle for runner up honors. “Huey was a big influence on my career and it’s pretty special to win this race.” Hardy said in victory lane. “Mike Hurley got us this new car and it’s pretty cool to get a win in it.” Jamie Lathroum, Jason Covert and Jason Miller rounded out the top five. Heats went to Lathroum and Hardy.
    Steven Axtell wired the field for his career Mid Atlantic Modified feature win at Potomac. Axtell took the lead on the first lap but would have to withstand the race long pressure from Michael Altobelli to secure the win. “This is like our home track and to get a win with everyone who helps with this deal feels pretty good.” TJ DeHaven, Jimmy Jesmer Jr and Austin Holcombe trailed. Heats went to Altobelli and DeHaven.
    In support class action, Ben Pirner drove the race of his career to collect his first career feature win in the 15-lap Street Stock feature with Austin Lathroum drove a smooth race to notch his 2nd win of the season in the 15-lap Hobby Stock contest. The U car feature was two laps in before rain stopped the event. The final 13 laps and the 15-lap Strictly Stock feature will be made up at a later date.

Late Model feature finish 
Kyle Hardy, Dale Hollidge, Jamie Lathroum, Jason Covert, Jason Miller, Roy Deese, Cory Almond, Harry Ship III, Sam Archer, James Snead, Brandon Long, Tyler Emory, Kenny Moreland, Derick Quade, DJ Groft, Brent Bordeaux 

Mid Atlantic Modified feature finish 
Steven Axtell, Michael Altobelli, TJ DeHaven, Jimmy Jesmer Jr, Austin Holcombe, Justin Cullum, Jerry Foster, Andy Bosely, Doug Penny, Nick DiBella, Ray Kable Jr, Ryan Toole, Steph Johnston, Frank DiBella, Rick Hulson 

Street Stock feature finish 
Ben Pirner, PJ Hatcher, Walt Homberg, Deuce Wright, John Cobb, Cory Hanson, Dylan Welsh, Stephen Hilgenberg, Bailey Tolson, Cooter Grady DNS-Mike Bladen, Marty Hanbury 

Hobby Stock feature finish 
Austin Lathroum, Casey Sheckles, Hilton Pickeral, Billy Crouse, Troy Kassiris, Watson Gordon, Erik Hanson, Owen Lacey, Mikey Latham, Mason Hanson DNS-Buddy Dunagan




1-9 3-27 4-9
4-16 4-23 5-8
5-14 6-4 6-18
6-25 7-3 7-16
7-24 7-30